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What’s the deal with Shen Yun?

Begun just over a decade ago by Chinese artists in the outer reaches of the Hudson Valley, New York, Shen Yun Performing Arts has quickly grown to become the world’s premier classical Chinese dance and music company. The company’s trademark blend of superlative artistry, powerful choreography, vibrant costuming, and patented interactive backdrops make for an exhilarating performance that’s not soon forgotten. Shen Yun’s moving storylines and ever-present live orchestra with all-original compositions have performed to critical acclaim in well-over 100 cities worldwide. The company, which is a registered non-profit, faces challenges perhaps unique among elite performing arts companies in the West—it has earned the ire of China’s communist authorities. They have banned the company from performing there and have actively sought to undermine it beyond China's borders. The communist regime considers Shen Yun’s traditional art, as well as its willingness to engage important issues facing Chinese society today, threatening. Shen Yun performs for five months on tour with an all-new production each year.